Refereed Full Papers

  1. Yusuke Suzuki, Shinpei Kato, Hiroshi Yamada and Kenji Kono: GPUvm: Why Not Virtualizing GPUs at the Hypervisor?, In Proceedings of 2014 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC '14), 2014, pp. 109-120.

Non-Refereed Papers

  1. 鈴木勇介, 加藤真平, 山田浩史, 河野健二: GPU の完全仮想化, 並列/分散/協調処理に関するサマー・ワークショップ (SWoPP '13), 2013.
  2. Yusuke Suzuki: Escodegen and Esmangle: Using Mozilla JavaScript AST as an IR, AOSD '13 Industry Track, 2013.

Non-Refereed Posters

  1. 鈴木勇介, 加藤真平, 山田浩史, 河野健二: Design and Implementation of GPU Virtualization at the Hypervisor, 日本ソフトウェア科学会ディペンダブルシステム研究会 (DSW '14), 2014.
  2. 鈴木勇介, 加藤真平, 山田浩史, 河野健二: GPUvm: ハイパーバイザによる GPU の完全仮想化手法, 日本ソフトウェア科学会ディペンダブルシステム研究会 (DSW '13), 2013.
  3. 鈴木勇介: Building modern JavaScript Engine, 第53回プログラミング・シンポジウム, 2012.


  1. IPSJ Yamashita SIG Research Award, As of 2014
  2. IPSJ SIGOS Best Student Presentation Award, As of 2013
  3. IPSJ Yamauchi Prize for encouragement, As of 2013


iv / lv5: ECMAScript engine

iv / lv5 is a new ECMAScript engine written in C++, that conforms ECMA262 5.1 specification completely.

It includes ECMAScript lexer, parser, RegisterVM, baseline JIT compiler for x86_64.

ECMAScript languages libraries


escodegen is an ECMAScript unparser. It accepts JavaScript AST and generates valid JavaScript code.

The ecosystem composed of these tools is described in this paper.


escodegen is an ECMAScript minifier. It accepts JavaScript AST and generates minified and optimized JavaScript code.


escope is an ECMAScript scope analyzer. It accepts AST and analyze scope and variable information.


escodegen is a traversal library for JavaScript AST. It accepts JavaScript AST and traverse it.


doctrine is a JSDoc parser with complete Type annotation support. It is used in Eclipse Orion's JSDoc support.


Taberareloo is a Google Chrome extension to support cross posting to many social services